MECAProject (Multicultural Educational Centre of Australia) is an aspiration for pure Islamic devotion, faith (Iman), and knowledge. MECAProject aims to establish a dedicated infrastructure that not only serves as a place of worship but also serves as a place of knowledge propagation. It is based on the example of the masjids that were in the times of the Salaf-us-Saleh (Righteous Predecessors).

MECAProject is a brain child of Sunnah Inspirations and its dedicated sister organisations, HikmahWay Institute and Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN). With Allah’s Help, Sunnah Inspirations, HikmahWay Institute and AMYN have developed strong reputations through their contributions in youth development, Islamic propagation and community services in Australia. This portfolio is intended to give an overview of what have we done so far and what we intend to do in the future. We hope through this presentation, you as a potential investor to this project of Allah will have confidence in us as the trust bearer.

Our past and future activities are as follows:- Press Next

Sunnah Works inc. (Formerly Sunnah Inspirations Inc) is a non-profit organisation formed to be an inspiration to invite and facilitate means for all to raise to higher levels of spiritual (Iman), physical, academic and social well-being.

Among the projects are HikmahWay Institute, Council of Islamic Family Affairs, and Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN).

Sunnah Works inc., a non-profit organisation also provides the following services to the whole Australian community:


  • Information about Isla m – its beliefs, culture, practices, dispelling misconceptions
  • Social services, especially in matters related to spiritual, psychological and academic well being
  • Informative talks at your organisation about Islam’s suggested solutions and guidance on a variety of current events and crises
  • Organise projects to foster better relations between Australian Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Organise projects to assist Muslims to contribute positively to Australian life, welfare and social needs
  • Organise Zakat-ul-Fitr collection in Australia and distribution to Zimbabwe, India and Indonesia
  • Assistance to victims of floods in Pakistan (2010) and in Brisbane, Australia (2011)

Photo: Zakat-ul-Fitr Distribution in Zimbabwe 2011



Photo: Pakistan Flood Relief 2010


Shaikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel (Director)

Having arrived as a child, he has been involved in religious, social and community work in Australia since 1990.

Besides his extensive secular studies at various Australian Universities in Medical and Scientific fields, he has studied at the esteemed Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia. There he studied at the Arabic faculty for two years followed by four year study at the Faculty of Sharia. At the faculty, he acquired a sound foundation in all fields of Islamic studies and went on to specialise in Fiqh and its related fields of studies.
This was coupled with about the same amount of study with other scholars outside the University during the evenings, weekends and holidays.

Among the great scholars that he benefitted from apart from in addition to the ones the University include Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Abbad, Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar Shanqitee al-Faqeeh, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ameen Shanqetee of Mauritania in Usul Fiqh, Sheikh AbdurRazzaq in few general classes.  He also attended personal classes with Sheikh Sulayman Ruhayli in Qawaid Fiqhiyah, Sheikh Abdullah Shamsan in Aqidah, Sheikh Muhammad Sa’ad Alyubi in Usul Fiqh and Maqasid Sharee’ah and other less famous scholars from Africa, Asia and Arabia.
Allah granted him an opportunity to study briefly with other visiting Islamic Scholars in Medina such as Sheikh AbdulQadir Al-Arnoot of Syria, Sheikh Mubarakpuri of India, Sheikh Ahmed Farid and others from Egypt, and other Arabian Scholars such as Sheikh Abdullah ibn Jibreen, Sheikh Abdullah al-Ghudayyaan and Sheikh Salih Fawzan in addition to a lone but highly cherished lesson from the Imam of our time and then Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz ibn Baz.
In the city of Unaizah, he attended an intensive program with the Eminent Scholar, Mufti and Imam of our time, Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih al-Utheimeen. Therein, he also studied with Sheikh Khalid al-Muslih and other leading Scholars – the students of Sheikh Ibn Utheimeen, and with some of them he is still in constant contact to discuss Islamic issues.

After his graduation from the Islamic University of Medina, he continued to study classical books in Fiqh, Maqasid Sharee’ah with some of the above Scholars and remains in touch with some of them to this day to seek advice on difficult jurisprudence matters.

Upon returning from his studies, Shaykh Aslam AbuIsmaeel immersed himself into the Da’wah scene in Australia. Based in the city of Brisbane, he founded Sunnah Inspirations, a non-profit organisation with a mission to preach the guidance of Islam and invite people to the fold of Islam through Islamic Lessons (http://www.IslamicLessons.com).  He later on pursued his dentistry at the University of Queensland, Brisbane.  In Brisbane, he is involved with the youth in giving Islamic lectures, classes and intensive study sessions in the mosques and Da’wah stalls at the universities.

MECA project

Our aim

To build a mosque in its truest sense – a place of Ebadah(Worship) and an educational institution to stimulate and nurture spirituality (Iman), knowledge of both the worlds, and its sincere implementation to produce model citizens.

Project Information

The MECA Masjid will be built in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland at a cost of A$2.5m and cater for the following:

  • Masjid for men, women and especially the youth – our future
  • Weekend school for Quran Hifz, Arabic and religious classes
  • Tertiary-level Islamic Institute with religious intensive courses taught by local and international Ulema (Scholars)
  • To house AMYN’s pioneering library, the largest of its kind in Australia, with a vast collection of Islamic and other books, audio, visual resources in English and Arabic
  • Regular school teaching and tutoring for Muslim and non-Muslim children to achieve intellectual excellence
  • English literacy, numeracy and up-skilling classes for the disadvantaged
  • Youth Educational & Cultural Centre with halal recreational facilities

How can you help these beneficial projects?

  •   PARTICIPATE and INFORM others, so most can benefit from this

  •   Presently help to donate for employment of our Dawah Activities Manager Salary

  •   Help to donate for expenses of AMYN Islamic  Centre and Library

  •   Help donate money to build MECA which is a Mosque, Islamic Youth Centre, Islamic Institute and Library helping Muslims all across  Australia and New Zealand.

  •   Donation can be made through


Sunnah Works

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